The New York Chapter

Back in February both of my sisters decided they wanted to go to New York on a sister trip to celebrate their birthdays. The timing worked out well with our respective schedules and the planning was soon underway. Very soon after these plans were made things started to change. Emily’s long distance boyfriend, John, decided to come for a visit on her birthday and when he found out we would be away it was decided that he would join us. Since John was coming anyway, my other sister, Molly and I convinced my father to come along. When word got to my Brother, Andrew and Sister-in-Law, Amanda they decided they would tag along as well. 

This was a much larger group than expected and definitely came with the expected issues. There wasn’t enough room in the air bnb leaving all three of us sisters to share two cots in the living room, where lack of privacy was the least of our problems.  There were issues with communication and decision making and all the expected disagreements that come with bringing four siblings back together. But outweighing all of those things were the family memories made during that trip, the lessons learned, the iconic places visited and the weird sense that anyone no matter who you are can belong in New York, not to mention the many many photos. Below are some of my favourites.

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